Short Fiction

Looking for stories you can read or listen to for free? Check out "The Long Road to the Sea" (audio), "Beheaded by Peasants" (text), "Ties of Silver" (audio), "Faithful Servants" (text/audio), "Miscarriage" (audio), "Boar and Rabbit" (text), or "Overclocking" (text/audio).

Bonded Men
Shattered Shields (Baen), November 2014
A military fantasy story about two warrior-lovers in an elite all-gay military unit, heavily inspired by the Sacred Band of Thebes.
The God Beneath the Mountain
A gay Lovecraftian romance about tunnelling through the alps.
War Stories (Apex Book Company), September 2014
Science fiction about power armor, halfling clones, and the complicated ethics of war.
Boar and Rabbit and Audible, May 2014

Have you ever wished that Disney's Aladdin could have starred two gay men instead? If so, this is the story for you: a fantasy romance set in the Pathfinder campaign setting, starring Bors and Roshad from The Redemption Engine.

New Growth
By Faerie Light (Broken Eye Books), December 2013
A creepily erotic story exploring the unique bond between dryads and lumberjacks.
Faces of the Revolution
When the Hero Comes Home 2 (Dragon Moon Press), August 2013
A story exploring the line between terrorists and freedom fighters. With monsters, of course.
Raid Night
A erotic story about a couple struggling with MMO addiction.

As of the time of its closing, this collection was officially the most-backed fiction anthology in Kickstarter history!

Beheaded by Peasants

A post-apocalyptic story set in the Appalachian Empire, where all prospective monarchs must first consult the Oracle to learn how they'll die. A story of love and the burden rule. (Inspired by Machine of Death.)

Rated three out of three stars on Tangent Online's 2013 Recommended Reading List.

Guns at the Hellroad
New Heroes II (Stone Skin/Pelgrane Press), February 2013
A hard-bitten gunslinger and a blind girl with uncanny powers must track down a cache of ancient weapons in a post-Rapture society.
The Long Road to the Sea
Pseudopod, September 7, 2012
A story about zombies, the apocalypse, convoys, and the vagaries of the human heart. Originally published in Catastrophia.

"'A beautifully written story about people who, after dying, regain life, but not all of their humanity. A tragic tale of lost love." ~Rena Hawkins, Tangent

Escape Pod, February 17, 2012

A near-future story of biological hacking and strained relationships. Originally published in Apex Magazine.

Ties of Silver
Podcastle, December 13, 2011
A story about lycanthrope ghettoes and the search for identity. Originally published in Beast Within 2.
Faithful Servants
Starship Sofa, December 2011
An audio version of  the story originally published on
Faithful Servants, November 2011
A serialized novelette chronicling an earlier adventure of Salim (the protagonist of Death's Heretic) and the strange loyalty of a summoned monster.

(Click here to read for free, here to listen for free, or  here to purchase and download it.)

The Sharing
Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring '20s (Absolute XPress/Hades Publications), August 2011
The story of a WWI pilot, an alien observer, and the dangers of perfect communication.
Ties of Silver
Beast Within 2 (Graveside Tales), July 2011
A noir piece about lycanthropes in a government-run ghetto.
Death at the Swaddled Otter
Prodigal Sons, July 2011
The collected eBook version of the novella which ran alongside the Kingmaker Adventure Path, starring two exiled vagabonds in the River Kingdoms. I wrote the framing story, and subsequent chapters were provided by Rich Pett, J. C. Hay, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Steven Schend, and Jay Thompson.
The Compass Stone: The Collected Journals of Eando Kline
An ebook collection of the first 18 Pathfinder's Journals, containing the complete Eando Kline story arc. I edited and introduced the collection (and the original journals) and wrote a third of the stories.
Holding the Line
Human Tales (Dark Quest Books), April 2011
The story of an army of goblins' desperate desire to keep their human princesses safe in the modern world. (Also available on Kindle!)
The Book of Apex, Volume 2 (Apex Book Company), January 2011
Reprint collection of stories from Apex Magazine, including my foray into cyberpunk drug-dealing.  Also includes stories from folks like Ekaterina Sedia, Genevieve Valentine, Paul Jessup, Mary Robinette Kowal, and more. (The collection was first published as Descended from Darkness: Vol. 2.)
Machine of Death (Bearstache Books), October 2010
#1 Best-Seller on 10/26/2010

Machine of Death, edited by Ryan North, David Malki!, and Matthew Bennardo, is an anthology of stories set in a world in which a machine can cheaply and accurately predict how someone will die. My story, "Miscarriage," focused on the emotional ramifications of using the machine on a baby still in the womb.

The collection earned a lot of press attention for taking the top spot on when the editors (also prominent internet cartoonists) asked their communities to all buy the book on the same day. It received even more attention when political pundit Glenn Beck railed against it on his national program, angry that it bumped his own book to the #3 slot.

Click here to read Jeff VanderMeer's positive review at Omnivoracious

Available here as a free podcast!

The Long Road to the Sea
Catastrophia (PS Publishing), September 2010
Edited by British Fantasy Society award winner Allen Ashley, Catastrophia is an anthology of stories set after the apocalypse. "The Long Road to the Sea" is a romance written from the perspective of a mute zombie.

"A beautifully written story about people who, after dying, regain life, but not all of their humanity. A tragic tale of lost love." ~Rena Hawkins, Tangent

Death at the Swaddled Otter
The first chapter in a new Pathfinder's Journal, starring two scoundrels searching for glory in the River Kingdoms--without working too hard at it, of course.
Apex Magazine, December 2009
A cyberpunk story of illicit substances in the near future, and how the more things change, the more they stay the same.
End of the Road
The concluding chapter of the Eando Kline saga in the Pathfinder's Journal.
Pink Like Me
The twelfth installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando gets a look at the other side of prejudice and completely loses his temper.
A Friend in Need
The eleventh installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando encounters some insects of unusual size and learns that trust is a pleasant liability.
Of Endings and Beginnings
The sixth installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando Kline learns not to trust wizards and what it means to sacrifice in the name of friendship.
Belly of the Beast
The fifth installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando Kline recruits an old friend for one last job. Written with Mike McArtor.
Will the Last One Out Please Turn Off the Lights?
A short science fiction piece about evacuating the planet, and how ordinary people become history.
Hand of the Handless
The third installment in the Pathfinder's Journal, in which Eando Kline ventures into the anarchic city of Kaer Maga in search of a magical relic.
Aberrant Dreams, May 2007
A science fiction story about dreams, and what happens when we tamper with them.
Clean Sheets, May 2007
An erotica story about infidelity, guilt, and younger men.
Fuck Like Renton
Penitalia: Collegiate Erotica at the University of Washington, Issue #2, Summer 2004
Equal parts raunchiness and nostalgia. And yes, that's me on the cover.
Cooking in the Bathroom
A story about food, spirituality, and crazed consumerism. One of the pieces that won the Charlotte Paul Reese Prize for Fiction at UW.
Coming Out
Pretty much what the title implies.
Declaration of Independence
Penitalia: Collegiate Erotica at the University of Washington, Issue #1, Spring 2004
Angsty slam poetry.
The Weight of Wings
Hobart Pulp, July 2003
What if one day you woke up with wings? What if nobody cared? One of the pieces that won the Charlotte Paul Reese Prize for Fiction at UW.