Brides of the Lizard God

James plays guitar and sings in Brides of the Lizard God, a self-aware hair metal band formed in 2013 by musical refugees from such dearly departed Seattle bands as Shadow at Morning, The Popular Monsters, and Incogneato. With influences ranging from lo-fi to metalcore, they united under a single guiding principle: that no idea is too cheesy or ridiculous, provided it is also awesome.

The Brides are:

James Sutter (guitar/vox)
Patrick Tewson (guitar/vox)
Andy Kreek (bass/vox)
Tim Wellman (bass/vox, emeritus)
Eric Baker (drums)

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Brides of the Lizard God perform "Alpha Destroyer Squadron"
Live at the Rendezvous in Seattle, WA - 10/17/14

Watch the entire Rendezvous show. (There are cloaks.)